Welcome to Recipe Road

Welcome to our blog, Recipe Road. We are Pat and Ian, two food lovers from Sydney, Australia. We dream of opening our own restaurant one day, and are beginning a journey of exploring cuisines, improving our cooking and food presentation skills, finding local produce, and visiting restaurants with the goal of discovering what food is “us”. Pat trained as a bartender and then as a pastry chef in his native Philippines. He is now working in a commercial kitchen in Sydney and dreaming of creating his own style of food. Ian is a professional musician and enthusiastic home cook. He has a passion for food and words, which he hopes to combine in this project.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be exploring various cuisines, beginning with French and Japanese; mastering some dishes from restaurants and chefs we are inspired by including Nopi, Attica and Alinea. We’ll also be visiting local restaurants and travelling to discover food around Australia and internationally. Along the way we hope to meet some local producers and begin building connections with people in the food industry and other passionate foodies.

We hope to inspire other amateur cooks and foodies to follow our journey, learn more about local produce and restaurants and perhaps even build a community of like-minded food lovers. Feel free to contact us if you have tried any of our recipes, want to give us some tips about local restaurants or produce, or just to say hello!

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